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Pedal Revolution Coffee Mug Mount Sutro Sun & Fog Logo


The crew at Pedal Rev love their coffee! This Mt. Sutro version of our Pedal Revolution logo represents the alternating daily duo of sun and fog we have here in San Francisco. Locals and tourists alike can relate to the experience of leaving home on a bright, sunny morning in the city only to find – come 5pm that the “Karl the Fog” has rolled over Mt. Sutro, dropping the temperature and blanketing the city in a chilly haze. One side of the mug is Sunny Sutro and the other is Foggy Sutro. Pick one up to celebrate your SF pride and local bike shop. Goes great with a slice of Pie!

sunny side sutro mug

– Mt. Sutro Sunny Side

foggy side sutro mug

– Mt. Sutro Foggy Side

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Product Description

Pedal Revolution Coffee Mug

Bikes and Coffee are two constants at Pedal Revolution. We searched to find the classic diner mug…good shape, comfy to hold, off-white in color, sturdy, and perfect for slurping down that delicious go-juice.

  • Durable, easy-wash body, classic Diner-mug shape
  • Pedal Revolution custom Mount Sutro Sun & Fog logo
  • Perfect for coffee enthusiasts. Also works for tea, cocoa, and bourbon.
  • Mount Sutro! Sutro Tower! Karl the Fog! Diner Mug! San Francisco! Coffee! Can you dig it!!!

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