Ovarian Psycos Film Screening, Rides, and Workshops in San Francisco!

Ovarian Psycos Film Screening, Rides, and Workshops in San Francisco!

The awesome folks of the Ovarian Psycos are leading a series of events at CCSF this Friday. Check them out!

The events will be two workshops surrounding the film Ovarian Psycos, which documents the creation of the bicycle brigade and infrastructure. The workshop leaders are four members of the Ovarian Psycos Collective who will travel from L.A. (on the bus, with their bikes) to present at City College. Ovarian Psycos is a starting point, but their goal is to build capacity for folks committed to the issues that directly affect women and specifically issues that affect women of color from marginalized communities. Together, we work to challenge the global culture of patriarchy/white supremacy/capitalism. The workshops will build community awareness of violence against women and

help mobilize for action using tools of consciousness raising.


The Mission Campus event will be a “Workshop on challenging Patriarchy, White Supremacy, and Capitalism.” (12:30-02:00PM)


The Ocean Campus event will be a screening of the documentary film made about the Ovarian Psycos, followed by a Q&A with the subjects of the film. (4:10-7:00PM)


We are working to organize a community bike ride from the Mission Campus to the Ocean Campus from 2:30 to 3:30 between the events. We invite you to join us for this ride and all the other events happening at each campus.